Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallers!

I hope you're spending the day doing something suitably spooky. I'll be writing, but I promise I'll be writing something extra creepy. And in a concession to Halloween, I'm reading a horror book:

I'm enjoying it so far, and hoping to get to the scary bit just in time to freak myself out tonight. I used to read a lot of horror, mainly Richard Laymon and Stephen King. I think I might start reading more, so if you've got any recommendations, do let me know.

I might watch The Descent tonight. Have you seen it? If not, WHY NOT?

So what are you up to for Hallers? Carving a pumpkin? Going to a fancy-dress party? Ignoring it completely?


  1. ignoring it completely - going as far as turning off the lights so that the rough kids up the road don't come knocking (yes I know that makes me sound grumpy!)

  2. Kirsty- That sounds very sensible to me!

  3. I used to love Richard Layman books (in a guilty sort of way!). I'm all set for horror movies with lots of candy tonight.

  4. I'm reading "The Dark Path" by Stephen M. Irwin, which is supposed to be on par with Stephen King's "It". So far the writing is pure delight in itself. This guy has description down to a science. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Laymon and King? No mention of a certain Christopher Pike?

    P.S. We have De2cent.

  6. The Decent?

    Poor, sweet Beth...

    J x