Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last week I ran a contest on Twitter, asking people to tell me about a song that perfectly encapsulates ENTANGLED. There were a lot of awesome entries, which made me very happy.

Here is the winning song (chosen by @discolemonkayy), followed by a couple of my other favourites. What do you think? Any more to add?


  1. love the placebo cover. TOTALLY can imagine those last few moments of the 'big reveal' in the book to that song.

  2. This is brilliant! Congratulations to the winner and thanks for a great listen.

  3. SisterSpooky - the Placebo cover is indeed perfect for those moments!

    Thanks Luisa. Got any suggestions? I know you have IMPECCABLE taste in music!

  4. Well, this is freaky. I used to *love* Cut by Plumb, and gave it much more love than it deserved (listening to it more than any song on my mp3 and keeping it on loop? Like I said, more love than deserved), but... I haven't listened to it for a while now. So thank you.

    I very recently finished Entangled, in less than 24 hours. (I just thought I'd mention that I'm eleven years old, and meant to get 8-10 hours of sleep, not SIX! But I HAD to keep on reading!) It was... AMAZING! I know there's stuff mature for my age, but I'm mature for my age, so whatever.

    Thank you so much for writing a book full of wowness.

  5. Placebo is awesome, they were my favorite in high school so ive just had major flashbacks- good ones :) so thanks!