Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remember the time...

... I wrote 30,000 words in two weeks?


Things I have learned from writing 30,000 words in two weeks:

1. I am in awe of writers who do this sort of thing as a matter of routine.
2. It makes for some particularly freaky dreams and odd sleeping patterns.
3. Having a writing hangover is almost as bad as having a real hangover, but you feel extra sorry for yourself because you were writing, dammit!
4. I can't read books written in the first person while I'm writing a first-person book. (N.B. This has never been a problem when writing at my normal sloth-like speed.)
5. My slightly (!) obsessive personality comes out to play in a big way. If you are not my novel, I have no time for you right now. Harsh, I know.
6. This book is going to need a whole lot of editing. Seems like my usual pace allows ideas to percolate, while this pace... er... does not.
7.  Movie and TV soundtracks are the perfect writing accompaniment.
8. I can stay off Twitter for an hour at a time. Easily.
9. Writing can be fun. (I'd somehow forgotten this one.)
10. I'm not sure if I can carry on at this pace, much as I'd like to.

So... what have you learned this week?


  1. 30,000 words a week is pretty amazing :) Congrats!

  2. Thanks RK!

    Majanka: 30,000 words in a week WOULD be amazing. Alas, it took me two!

  3. I'm with you on point 2. If I go to sleep novel-drunk my dreams become strangely plot-driven.

  4. WOW! well done on writing so much! I hope it doesn't need too much editing! In fact I'm sure it doesn't! :)

  5. This post made me very happy. The first person point I found hilarious... what exactly do you mean? You find yourself like assuming it's your character or something? *frowns because I'm confusing myself* Anyway, amazing work, I envy you... good luck!!!

  6. Good work, but I hope you're still having some quality 'me' time, or should that be 'you' time?
    Anyway, don't push yourself too hard because although "9. Writing can be fun.", if you go too hard at it, it won't be long until "11. Writing drives me mental."

    I saw from your tweets that you were actually planning on leaving the house yesterday. Did you have a good day/night?

    Movie and TV soundtracks are fantastic, aren't they? Have you got the Empire Records soundtrack because that's staggeringly good?


  7. Grey - The dreams have indeed been pretty epic! My poor brain needs a rest.

    Raimy-rawr - Thank you and TRUST ME, the revisions will be huge!

    Isabel - Thank you! I just found myself examining the voice too much, thinking how I'd have done it differently. Way too distracting.

    Kevin - Writing definitely drives me mental - that's a given! I did indeed have a lovely time last night... as soon as I was able to focus on the real world rather than a Word doc. Thanks for the Empire Records rec - must check that one out.

  8. Cat: Haha! Makes sense... but that's the problem with being a writer. You get WAY to critical... sometime I wish I'd stop and I might be able to enjoy the book more LOL!

  9. Well done - and twitter withdrawal *shudders*