Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They've pret me down again!

WHY do I persist in buying disappointing sandwiches from Pret? It's like I have a special kind of sandwich amnesia. I expect something great every day, and every day I end up throwing half my lunch in the bin.

Today's offering was an avocado wrap. I enjoyed the first half (sort of), but when faced with the second half, I actually said the word 'Urgh!' out loud in my very quiet office. I just couldn't face the soggy tortillaness. Grossness.

But maybe they won't let me down tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow will be that glorious day I've been waiting for... a proper tasty sarnie and no hunger pangs mid-afternoon. Well, I can dream can't I?

BTW, I know I should make my lunch at home and bring it in to work but... but... it's too hard!

Person of the day: my big bro (taking me to the theatre tonight to see Anna Friel naked or something)
Song of the day: Beat it by Fall Out Boy (Yes, I am a heathen for preferring it to the MJ version, but I'm OK with that.)

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  1. Try their pork pie, s&v crisps and a slab of cheddar - sorry forgot, that's from the local pub. High in cholesterol, but tastes grrreat!