Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apologies for the lack of content

But I really have nothing to say. Er... I still have an agent? I'm still really, really happy about it? I haven't done any more work on the new book because I've been massively distracted?

This weekend I'm revising my first manuscript to take in some suggestions my new super shiny agent made. (Nope, still not in the least bit bored of saying 'my agent'.) I'm changing the ending, and adding in some bits to help with some characters' motivation. Nothing major. I'm actually looking forward to honing it a bit more. And all the suggestions made sense. Which was nice.

Bring on the weekend. Right now please.

Song of the day: every single song by Jack's Mannequin (who I'm going to see in Camden ce soir. Yay!)

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