Monday, August 31, 2009

UPDATE: 10 things I hate about looking for an agent

10 things I hate about looking for an agent? Can't think of one. Nope. Not even a little one. The whole Great Agent Search is joyful as far as I'm concerned.

But... one additional thing I HEART about looking for an agent is...

GETTING AN AGENT! I got one I got one I got one. And a completely awesome one too. My first choice. I have an agent. Tra la la!

Number of days between heading to the post office and first hearing back from my prospective agency (asking me to send the rest of the manuscript): 3

Number of times I've said 'I've got an agent!' over the last three days: 143

So that's it. I am agented up to the maximum, and it feels bloody brilliant. I now have an ally in the battle to get published. And I've no doubt that it will be a battle. It's tough out there at the moment, particularly in the YA market. But I'm not going to think about that for a while. Instead I'm going to appreciate this milestone and say 'I've got an agent!' a few more times.

PS Did I mention I've got an agent?!

Person of the Day #1: Non (who told me months and months ago that she'd met the right agent for me. She was right)
Person of the Day #2: My Secret Agent (whose identity will be revealed in good time)

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  1. Awesome news! Well done!! I have a celebratory camembert for you...