Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Argh. It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t done any writing since the weekend. On Sunday night I was absotively posilutely sure I was going to get some done during the week. Was feeling super-keen and brimming with ideas. And then Monday hit me. Hard.

Instead of writing, so far this week I have mostly achieved the following: watched the last episode of Dollhouse (what was Joss Whedon thinking? Too many ideas, not enough editing/common sense); been in a grump about work; and been for lovely drinks with lovely friends of loveliness. This evening I will continue the non-writing with dinner avec my lovely cousin. And then it will be Thursday, which is practically the weekend, so I may as well just leave the writing till then, right?

Hoping for cooler weather at the weekend... hot weather + laptop on lap = sweaty thighs of grossness

Song of the day: Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves (a song to make you smile if ever there was one)
Person of the day: Sarah Shep for letting me invite myself round for dinner. Thanks, Cuz! (So far that’s two Persons of the Day called Sarah. The question is... Can anyone NOT called Sarah possibly make the grade?)

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