Thursday, August 13, 2009

So here's the plan...

There IS no plan. I’ve known for some time now that some people make plans for their novels. I am impressed. Especially if it’s a chapter-by-chapter plan that helps avoid those nasty dark alleys that the plot can sometimes get lost down, only to be coaxed back to safety with a lot of patience and love and wanton use of the ‘delete’ button.

I’m kind of jealous of these planning people. It would be nice to know where the story is going once in a while. Knowing what you’re sitting down to write on any given day might be reassuring. But would it take away some of the fun? Some of that magic that happens when a character does or says something you
never would have expected?

My planning amounts to a page of random notes and questions that I forget to refer to later on. This could just be an example of pure laziness on my part, but it’s also because I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. Seriously – not a clue. For all I know, aliens from the planet Boondaggle could land in the middle of my story and cause havoc, obliterating my favourite characters with their ray-guns. But I really hope they don’t.

Are there any planners out there who’d like to tell me about how they go about it? Are you incredibly disciplined? Is having a plan A Good Thing? Pray, do tell.

Cheese of the day: taleggio

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