Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Yes, I know it’s technically still Sunday, Sunday but I’ve got that ‘back to school’ feeling, big time. Tomorrow I return to the day job after a week off as a sickly hermit. In between the bouts of fever/nausea/general malaise I began to feel a bit like a real proper writer – working on the revised draft for TFN (not ‘the most shocking story of abuse ever told’), starting up this blog, and idly musing about prospective agents. Alas, real life beckons. Sigh.

So I probably (and by that I mean ‘definitely’) won’t be posting on here every day from now on. I have a life to lead. There’s work to be done, friends to see (if they even remember me…) and trashy TV to be watched. Oh, and the writing of course. Got to remember the writing.

I’m ploughing on with the next manuscript, and I can already tell it’s not going to go the way I planned it. But that’s a good thing. The characters are starting to do their own thing. It won’t be long before I can take the stabilizers off their bikes and let them wheel away, free from my steadying hand. All I have to do is keep my fingers on the keyboard and try to keep up.

By the way, I checked out my working title on Amazon, and it has indeed been cruelly stolen by a successful Chick Lit writer. Which clearly means it wasn’t the right title for my story. Back to the drawing board.

Song of the day: Bruised, by Jack’s Mannequin (who I’m going to see in Camden in a few weeks – yay!)


  1. You know the good thing about blogging? People will actually read your writing and just be enjoying it - not judging or critiquing or anything.

    Good luck with that real life thing.

  2. You're very welcome to judge me... give me marks out of ten/whatever!