Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brr... hasn't it got parky all of a sudden?

I'm pretty excited about today. Here's why:
1. I'm just about to reach the 20,000 word mark on the WIP. Now compared to my last effort, that is super-speedy writing. I didn't quite meet my goal to write 2000 words yesterday, but who's counting? (Oh, me... yeah.)
2. This afternoon I'm heading to a book signing at The Golden Treasury Bookshop, which is somewhere in deepest Wandsworth. I've been hearing good things about it for years, but I've never got round to visiting before. Maggie Stiefvater, author of Shiver (awesome cover, don't you think?) will be there to talk and sign books. In case you haven't read it, Shiver does for werewolves what Twilight did for vampires. These werewolves are about a zillion times more interesting than the Cullen family. Also, Shiver contains a v. amusing scene involving quiche. How many books can you say that about?!
3. Am going to see Zombieland tonight - woop! And we all know that zombies are the new vampires... Uh-oh, I'm in danger of contradicting myself. OK, zombies AND werewolves are the new vampires. Or something.
Awesome YA book you really should read: see above

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  1. You're supposed to be on holiday - stop working so hard!