Thursday, October 29, 2009

A message from our sponsor

Cat prefers writing in the first person. She's never actually tried writing in the third person, except for status updates on Facebook. But they don't really count. Thus far in her writerly life, Cat has found the first person narrative to be a more than adequate means of telling her stories. She's not necessarily saying that it comes easily to her, but she does find it to be the natural way the words spill out of her brain, through her fingers and onto the keyboard. Currently, she finds herself pondering whether she will ever write something in the third person... or even the second. (The most likely answers being 'Possibly' and 'Not a chance in hell'.)

Cat also enjoys reading books written in the first person. She often finds them to be extra-specially pleasing in ways that other books are not. She would be very interested to know what you think? First person or third? Which one would win in a fight?


  1. First person ALL THE WAY. If we're putting together teams, I am so in your corner on this one!

  2. Third person! Then you can see inside everyone's head, not just one character's. And I think 3rd person would win in a fight, being a gang vs solo warrior...
    (oh, unless it was one of those alternating-chapter-malarkys, then there would be more than one in the first-person team too...)

  3. We SHOULD put together teams... could be Word War One.

    It is ON!