Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cough... splutter... urgh

I didn't plan on being ill this weekend - I had fireworks to watch, family to see and delicious food to be eaten. But all that went up in flames (much like the bonfire I missed out on last night I expect) when I got pretty poorly pretty quickly on Friday.

But it's OK, don't worry, the weekend hasn't been a total bust. I have managed to achieve some things (OK, achieved might be pushing it a little). I:

1. Got started on Friday Night Lights, season one. Tim Riggins, where have you been all my life? You sort of look like one of the main characters in my novel.

2. Got thinking about Christmas cooking and how to make brussels sprouts more palatable.

3. Read more of Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan. Beautiful and disturbing in equal measures. That lady can do amazing things with words.

4. Consumed more orange Lucozade than can possibly be good for a person.

5. Read lots of blogs. Children's/YA writers are ace. Fact.

Song of the day: Fortress, by Pinback

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  1. Yay Tim Riggins! I knew you would love him!