Sunday, November 22, 2009

The post-I've-got-a-book-deal post

Three days have passed. And no, the news still hasn't sunk in yet. The idea that my book is going to have a cover and pages with words on them and EVERYTHING is possibly too big for my tiny brain to process. But that doesn't stop me being absobloominlutely thrilled that my book is going to be published by Quercus - a publisher comprised entirely of awesome, as you can see from these beautiful covers:

Can't wait to read these. And doesn't Strange Angels look just like a super-cool movie poster?

So I'd like to thank a couple of people for making this dream happen for me. They are (in no particular order, just like the X Factor results):

1. Ma and Pa. Thanks for believing that this could happen... or at least not telling me it was a completely ridiculous idea. And thanks for your patience - I let you read it EVENTUALLY, didn't I?

2. Non. My BFF and BWC buddy and general Keeper of the Faith. Quite literally couldn't have done it without you - you know it's true!

3. My agent, Marvellous Victoria. Thanks for seeing something in my writing, and reading my ms more times than any person should have to, and doing all your complex agenty stuff and finding me and my books a lovely publishing home. And big thanks to Awesome Nancy, too.

4. My new blogging and twitter buds. Over the past few whirlwindy months there's always been someone out there with a kind word, some fab advice or a blog post that I could relate to.

5. All the friends I've bored over the years, talking about this writing malarkey.

6. My ninja cats, Jem and Scout, for being supremely squishable.

Thank you thank you thank you, one and all.


  1. And more congratulations! I can't wait to read your book.

  2. Thanks so much! Wait... people will actually be able to READ my book? Hmm... that makes me NERVOUS!

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