Thursday, March 18, 2010

I haz returned

I’m back! I’m back! I decided not to stay in NYC after all, although it was MIGHTY tempting. I’ll post something about the trip at the weekend, but here’s a sneak preview: I bought books! Lots of books! And met the super-lovely, mega-awesome Nova Ren Suma. It was a truly fantastic trip. And now it’s over. Sigh.

Today is a very exciting day for me. There’s mention of the book deal on BookBrunch. Since you have to subscribe to read the article, I’ll copy and paste it for you. It makes me smile.

At Quercus, Roisin Heycock has acquired a debut YA novel, ENTANGLED by Cat Clarke, from Victoria Birkett at the Miles Stott Children's Literary Agency. The publisher has UK/Commonwealth rights in two books.

"It's a nail-biting story about an electrifying love triangle, and all the intensity, joys and pressures associated with friendship and love on a knife edge at a vulnerable age," Heycock says. "What attracted me so much to this book was that Cat Clarke got the UK teenage voice so perfectly. Quercus believes that Cat is a very important new voice in British fiction." Publication is scheduled for January 2011. Clarke's second book, about a teenager uncovering the suspicious death of a girl at her school, will follow a year later.

ke, a Children's Non-Fiction Editor, says: "I'm a huge Quercus fan, so I'm extra-specially thrilled to be joining their exciting and flourishing list, and to be published alongside Lili St Crow and Bernard Beckett."

It feels kind of strange reading that, but I’m officially excited all over again!

I hope you’re all having very happy Thursdays out there.