Saturday, June 5, 2010

Contest contest contest!

Morning! Today is Contest Day here on This Counts as Writing, Right?

First, the prize...

The winner will receive TWO books (count them: one, TWO!):

Rich and Mad, by William Nicholson
Numbers, by Rachel Ward (US hardback with mega-creepy cover)

This contest is open to anyone who a) is a follower of this blog and b) lives in the UK. Apologies to non-UKers... I promise to hold an international contest sooooooon.

All you have to do to win is:

Recommend a YA book trailer in the comments section below. Tell us why you like it so much. It has to be THE coolest trailer you've ever seen. If someone else has already chosen the trailer you wanted to go for, please choose another! The winner will be chosen by me in a purely subjective, non-scientific manner. And I'll post the trailer on here.

I'll announce the winner on Sunday 20th June, so you have plenty of time to track down trailers of awesomeness.

So, good luck, and happy trailer-hunting!


  1. First to comment eh? So I get my choice of fabulous trailers. I must say that the trailer for Linger by Maggie Stiefvater is stunning. No need for words in this trailer it is done by emotion alone. You cannot help but be drawn in by the sheer beauty and delicacy of her work. A trailer that sings to your heart without words is without doubt, special. So Maggie, you get my vote.

  2. My vote has to go to Malorie Blackman's Double Cross. That trailer is superb. It looks like a movie and everything. You've got to check it out! I cannot describe the level of extreme awesomeness that it exudes. It is my absolute favourite.

  3. Since nobody has mentioned this one yet, I have to say my favourite is the trailer for Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. I've watched it about fifty times. It doesn't exactly match the tone of the book, but I really think it would pique the interest of potential readers. It's hilarious, clever, and so pro-reading. Love it.

  4. Ooh, these are all worthy contenders!

    Becky, as Alex's no. 1 fan, what do YOU think of the Perfect Chemistry trailer?!

  5. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - it looks like it could be a trailer for a movie. I HAD to read the book after I saw it and think it really captures the essence of the book:)

  6. The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a fabulous book. I've seen the trailer for The Dead-tossed waves, but not the first one. Can't wait to have a look!

  7. The Hunger Games trailer is fantastic! I loved the books:)

  8. Whoops, I really liked the trailer because it depicts what happens in the book so well. Plus, the music makes your pulse race which is always a good thing!:)

  9. the sky is everywhere - very excited about finally getting my hands on that book and reading it. loved the trailer as it got me hooked and even more excited about a book I was vaguely interested in but now mega looking forward to

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