Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five reasons to read SOME GIRLS ARE, by Courtney Summers

1. The writing is perfect. Lines like this make me very happy:
 'It's the kind of look that makes me feel every inch of my skin in a way that makes me want to claw it all off.'

2. It has an 'Unstable Emo Writer Boy' in it. And we all know they're the very best type of boy. He writes in a Moleskine too. Don't you just love him already? You should.

3. SGA is about the meanest of mean girls. They're PROPERLY mean. Anyone who's ever been to school will be able to relate to this in one way or another. It makes you think about the way you acted in school, and how your actions might have affected other people in ways you never dreamed of.

4. You never know what's going to happen next. You THINK you know. But you are WRONG.

5. There's a page with only a single word on it that is so ridiculously right that I wanted to kiss it. (But I didn't. That would have been weird, right?)

Whaaaat?! I've reached my five-reason limit ALREADY? No fair. I could go on and on. But rules is rules. Just read it, 'kay?


  1. I've had this on my shelf for months. I think it's about time I got round to reading it!

  2. I think it IS about time! Let me know what you think. Am sure you'll love it!

  3. So I am betting that you actually did kiss that word Cat. Come on admit it. You are truly a bord nerd. Embrace your nerdiness. I confess I have kissed the cover of Perfect Chemistry many times. LOL

    Ok so if I see this in a shop, I will buy myself a copy.

  4. Everyone should read this!

    I love number 2 - definately the best type of boy:)

    I agree with Becky - reckon you did kiss it really! I'm a bit concerned that Becky's obsession with PC may have reached new extremes though!

    Love the post:)

  5. courtney summers is TOO good!