Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fainting and amazing authors

I wanted to share a couple of quotes from a couple of amazing (SERIOUSLY amazing) authors who have read Entangled.

The first is from Simmone Howell, author of Everything Beautiful and Notes from the Teenage Underground:

"I was glued to the page. Smiling one minute and getting all choky the next. Grace's voice was so clear, tough and tender - I didn't know if I wanted to shake her or hug her (in the end I settled on hugs).

Next up is Courtney Summers, author of Some Girls Are and Cracked Up To Be:

"ENTANGLED is an intense and thrilling story of love and betrayal that goes places you don't expect and Grace is a narrator you won't forget. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down."

I am beyond thrilled that Simmone and Courtney enjoyed my book. They both happen to be writers I hugely admire, which makes it extra-specially thrilling. If you haven't read their books, I suggest you do so.

In other Entangled news, I found out this week that someone FAINTED while reading it. And not just cos she had low blood-sugar levels or summat like that... She fainted because of the actual words on the page! Um... Wow. When I first heard this, I was horrified. I mean, no one expects/wants their book to cause anyone bodily harm, do they? But then I thought about it some more... And I hate to admit this, but I got a bit of a kick out of it. Does that make me a little bit evil? Actually, don't answer that.


  1. Haha! No don't worry not evil!
    She wasn't indifferent to your book (clearly) and that is what is cool about it! She probably won't forget it (personally, I won't forget het :) )

    And the quotes are really amazing! Wow!

  2. I am actually scared to read Day 15 onwards now because I am a serious wimp and I am hoping that Entangled does not have mutilated body parts!

  3. Thanks Caroline!

    Becky- No need to be scared! Think she fainted reading a bit pretty early on, so you've probably already read it.

  4. as my son would say: good that you had someone fainted.

    I am impressed!

  5. Someone fainted? WOW...

    And congratulations on the quotes!!! :)

  6. wow! now THAT is a reaction! congrats on the amazing comments- sounds like ENTANGLED is going to be HUGE! Awesome! :)

  7. Thanks lovelies! N.B. I will not be held responsible if anyone else faints. (To be honest, I don't think they will... I reckon Fainting Girl must be particularly delicate.)

  8. How exciting, what great comments to get from authors you admire!

  9. I can't wait to read it! I've never heard of anyone fainting while reading my books, but I've seen FIVE people faint while I've been talking about one of mine - Fleshmarket. I confess to being rather thrilled about this, though, for safety reasons, I have now toned down my talk. Or at least i watch the colour of the audience's faces while I speak, so that I can judge how they are feeling and act accordingly...

  10. Honestly, I'm taking this fainting thing as a challenge. If I faint while reading it, I'm a wuss. If I don't, I'm like a bookworm version of Katniss. Right? Er... definitely intrigued, either way.

    Fabulous quotage, too. I'm in awe!

  11. Wow - that must be cool to have people you look up to say they couldn't put your book down! now thats a compliment! (And someone fainting - its definitely not evil to like it!!)