Friday, August 27, 2010

New life: Day 1

Yesterday I began my new life as A Person Without a Day Job. The day began earlier than expected, given that I was planning on lying in till at least nine. I woke up around seven, but forced myself to stay in bed and read Mockingjay. Who needs sleep when you've got Katniss, Peeta and Gale?

I spent the rest of the day reading, watching cookery programmes, and attempting to get the cats accustomed to the cage luxury accomodation I've borrowed for the nine-hour journey next weekend. Strangely enough, they are highly suspicious of said accommodation. I think we're in for some fun and games.

I'm trying my best to focus on the good things ahead, instead of the fear that threatens to overwhelm me every five minutes or so.

Good things:
1. Spending time with my dad, brother and nephews.
2. Running on the beach.
3. Writing.
4. Starting the Top Sekrit Business.
5. Getting my Scottish accent topped up.
6. Not having to commute on the tube. No more face-jammed-in-someone-else's-armpit (unless it's by choice!).

Bad things:
I am choosing not to think about the bad things. I'm all about the positive. (If you know me in real life, this might make you laugh.)

Anyone got any tips on positive thinking?!


  1. Ah, Cat, there will be many good things about your move.
    a) Eating tartan shortbread or even oatcakes. Maybe with cheese.
    b) Brisk breezes in bonny Scotland. Never again will you need blusher.
    c) Edinburgh Castle c'mon that's a reason to be cheery. You can look at it and think of me (my ancestor guarded the castle don'tchaknow).
    d)And Top Sekrit Business. There's nothing like it. I hope this Top Sekrit Business is a ray of light.
    e)Do you still get Take The High Road up there? No? OK, so there's another reason to be happy.

    Joking aside. Life will be fantastic and the air will be fresh. Your lungs will be very grateful to escape London. x

  2. Lara- Will add all of these to the list, thank you very much! And yes, my lungs will be very happy. You're dead good at this positive thinking malarkey.

  3. I have just arrived home from Edinburgh and I am SO ENVIOUS...gorgeous livable city, fabulous views, wonderful countryside, great writers to befriend (Nicola Morgan! Linda Strachan!), the Edinburgh Festival once a year, beautiful lochs and munroes on your doorstep..I could go on and're going to have a brilliant time.

  4. Aw, thanks Keren! Hope you had a great time up there. I'm definitely looking forward to befriending local writers (hopefully!).

  5. You are going to have an awesome time there, don't even think about us boring londoners (says the French with the American accent)!
    Though it doesn't feel that way now, you are going to stop being nervous and worried for things and appreciate things the way they should be appreciated (cheese anyone?) when you are far from London.
    You're going to continue being an awesome writer (can't wait for the ARC!!!) and you're going to have an awesome time starting your Top Sekrit Business.
    Plus you will write to all your London friends much more now rather than just browse their twitter/facebook to know what's up thinking it's enough.
    You are going to be close to nature and a fantastic place which will be ace for your imagination.

    I actually would definitely go live up there myself, but my fragile composition has a hard time adjusting to the polar London weather.

    :) Talk soon little lady!

  6. Caroline- Lots of good things there (particulary cheese!). London's usually far too hot for me - I'm much better suited to the Scottish climate!