Saturday, September 11, 2010

ARCs in the wild

This week has been a tricky one for all sorts of reasons. I won't go into them here, as I like to keep things light and breezy if I can. (This 'light and breezy' policy may not last... We'll see.) Some good things have happened though: those lovely pink ARCs have been sent out to bloggers. Maybe some of them are even being read at this very moment (although knowing the state of most bloggers' TBR piles, I'm not so sure). The thought of people reading the ARC is exciting and terrifying in equal measures. I'm trying my best to focus on the excitement.

The other good thing was that my fabulous friend who produces music under the pseudonym MASSIVE DOG (coolest pseudonym ever, right?) has sent me the final version of the music for the ENTANGLED trailer. And by God, it's good. I really, really love it. Now I just have to somehow create a trailer to do it justice. (N.B. I have no idea how to make a trailer.)

This afternoon I'm heading into Edinburgh to find a cafe in which to write. I'm in desperate need of inspiration.

I hope you are all feeling rested and happy and inspired this weekend.


  1. I got one of your ARC's! You are right about the TBR pile though so I probably won't get tp it till later. I am very excited for it though!

  2. LOL You know about the sizes of our TBR piles. I feel like you have been looking in my knicker drawer!!!! :-D
    Cannot wait to pick up on Day 15... Anyway, hope you found some inspiration and the perfect writing haunt.

  3. I'm sorry you had a tricky week. But I hope you got inspiration today, and things turn around for next week. It's amazing the highs and lows we can endure in one day.

  4. Thanks chaps. Well, I found a new writing haunt, but I didn't get to write there, because of stupid rail-replacement-bus-neverending-journey-of hideousness. Am writing this morning, though. Honest...