Monday, September 27, 2010

New York, here I come!

I am going to New York on Wednesday. This is very good news. It means I get to eat amazing food, catch up with fabulous friends, go to the Met, buy some clothes and generally relax. I'm not saying I've been stressed recently BUT... OK, I've been stressed recently. New York is my happy place. Sometimes I wish my happy place was closer to home so I could go there more often, but then it might lose some of its shine.

I need your help. I fully intend on spending at least eight hours in the Strand bookstore. I fully intend on buying books. Maybe not as many as last time. So, any recommendations for me? Any new USian releases I absolutely MUST get my hands on? Any old favourites you think I should look up?

Ta muchly.


  1. Have you read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver? That's my recent fave read. Have a great time in NY!

  2. If I was going to the great US of A, here are some of the books that would be on my list: The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman, The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin, Everlasting by Angie Frazer, Sea by Heidi Kling.
    The list goes on and on... they are all from my Goodreads wishlist.

  3. Kristy- I HAVE read Before I Fall. It was one of my favourite reads this year.

    Becky- I've only heard of one of those - Sea. Looking forward to checking out the others. Thanks!

  4. If you havent read The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting, that's one I would recommend.

    White Cat by Holly Black is good too.

    Deathday letter by Shaun hutchinson is amazing if you don't mind crude 15 yr old boy humor.

    The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

    Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

    Water For Elephants by Sarah Gruen.

    All of Cassandra Clare's books.

    Most of those books have been out for a while but I LOVE them. :)

  5. I've noticed that you mostly read contemporary books, so I'm going to toss a few fantasy recommendations at you, just for variety.

    'Ash' by Malinda Lo, which is a lyrical retelling of Cinderella in which the heroine falls in love with another girl (this has just come out in paperback in the US, I think).

    'The Thief', 'The Queen of Attolia' and 'The King of Attolia' by Megan Whalen Turner. These books are intricately plotted and beautifully characterised fantasies, based on Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean.

    These are not specifically US books, but I also recommend picking up something by Diana Wynne Jones, whose books are funny, wise, and incredibly thought-provoking. You could try The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, beginning with 'Charmed Life' or the Moving Castle books beginning with 'Howl's Moving Castle', or, if you're in the mood for something standalone, try 'Hexwood', 'The Homeward Bounders', 'Archer's Goon' or 'A Tale of Time City'.

    I hope some of these at least hit the spot!

  6. NYC? I'm totally jealous. If I were going to The Strand, I would be on the lookout for US contemporary YA.

    First up, the Dairy Queen series by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch. (I've read the first one and it has one of the greatest mc's ever).

    Then, I'd be hoping to pick up Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick, which sounds intriguing as all hell. Although it's not out till the 5th, by which time you might be back.

    Something by Elizabeth Scott. Everyone tells me she rocks, and you never find her in bookstores over here.

  7. Have fun in New York! I absolutely LOVE the strand! I'd check out Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken or The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson if you hadn't already.

  8. Have a fantastic time! I hope I get to visit NYC next. And thank you for the congratulations!

  9. Hi Cat! :)

    Hope you'll have a great time in NYC! :) And I can't wait for Entangled to come out. It sounds so, so, so GOOD! :D

    I dont really know which books you've read and haven't read (since I just discovered your blog today) but have you read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, How I live Now by Meg Rosoff or Lament by Maggie Stiefvater? Those are some of my favorites! :)

    - Rebecca