Friday, February 4, 2011


YES! The spectacular boy band responsible for this little number back in the year 2000. I like to think that this video proves the old adage that BOY BANDS ARE BETTER WHEN WET.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I went to visit a couple of schools on Wednesday with a couple of lovely ladies from Scottish Book Trust. I am now a bit ill. (Not saying that the two are connected... just sayin'.) I went to St Augustine's RC High School in Edinburgh and Dunfermline High School (in Dunfermline, obviously). If you head here, you can check out some pics.

So the whole day was a total blast. The students were lovely and welcoming and asked brilliant (and sometimes downright hilarious) questions. I got to have a chocolate brownie at lunchtime, which is always a bonus. And I think I may have overcome my school phobia. Perhaps this helped...

And this...

And here's a close-up on the bunting. BUNTING! With my face on it! St. Augustine's has made a friend for life here.

I'd like to say a big fat thank you to Scottish Book Trust and to both schools. The day was approximately 253% better than I could have ever imagined. THANK YOU!


  1. Glad to read that it all went well. See, teenagers are so scary!( Unless you live with them and they are hormonal.)

  2. What a great day! Don't ever be worried about school visits - kids are so excited you're coming, you can really do no wrong! Just look at the girls' faces in the picture!

  3. Love that you wore your signature you were brilliant

  4. Alyssa - Thank you so much!

    Keren - Thank you! I HAD to wear the hat, didn't I?!

  5. i was there when you came to visit at st augustine i though at first you were a bit shy but after a while you gained your confidence which was gr8 and now im reading the hunger games because of your recommendation and itz gud

  6. Anon- I was VERY nervous! Never done anything like that before! Hope you enjoy The Hunger Games.