Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm baaaaaack

The Great Entangled Book Tour is over.

I visited ten schools.
I met some incredible librarians and teachers and lots of brilliant students.
I drank approximately twenty gallons of water, four gallons of tea and one gallon of gin. (Just kidding about the gin... honest.)
I ate one spectacular cupcake (thank you, Library Mice!).
I was given a plant and a card and a folder full of picture books written by students (thank you, Queens Park Community School!).
I signed copies of ENTANGLED, exercise books and scraps of paper.
I apologized for my rubbish handwriting many, many times.
I laughed a lot.
I nearly cried (once).

And now it's over. And I kind of miss it (apart from the crazy early mornings). Thanks to all the librarians and teachers and students for being so lovely and not throwing things at me. And thanks to Niamh at Quercus for being awesome. (Please bear in mind that she had to listen to my spiel over and over and over again. A fate worse than... something quite bad.)

Now onto the next challenge: The Great House Move of February 2011. It's going to be epic.


  1. I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating: once you've survived the school visits, nothing's ever going to scare you again. Trufax. Moving house'll be a piece of cake (or, if not cake, maybe sandwich, but you get the idea).

  2. NOTHING is going to scare me? Not even SPIDERS?! Not even RICHARD HAMMOND'S FACE? I don't believe you.

  3. Nice to know spending 10 minutes in my school didn't drive you insane... Looks like you beat my record there!

  4. Ciaran - You didn't SEEM insane... Or maybe you just hid it really, really well?

  5. Good luck with your house move. I hope it all goes OK. Glad to hear the school kids didn't scare the hell out of you!

  6. Nothing can cure you from being scared of Richard Hammond's face, ever!
    Nobody has ever called my cupcakes spectacular, I am humbled!
    Enjoy your house move ... if such a thing is possible. It will all be worth it in the end!

  7. Library Mice - Those were truly awesome cupcakes! The exact opposite of Richard Hammond's face, in fact. x

  8. Yay! You survived your initiation. Bravo!

  9. Glad it went well Cat :o) I hope the move goes smoothly!

  10. Thanks Becky and Sarah! I think this means I'm now invincible... right?

  11. Dear Cat Clarke, u visited one of my skools lately. I read the book its Really Cool and i never stopped reading it. But the ending is quite confusing how did she end up being in a coma?
    I really love the book it inspired me to make my stories. I hope there will be part two that will be so cool!!!
    From one of ur fans from St.Angelas yr 8