Friday, July 29, 2011


Don't worry, it's not actually torn. I can vouch for its 100% intactness. Fnar fnar.

So who wants to get their grubby mitts on this little beauty? The lucky winner will be the first person in the whole wide world to read TORN! (Well, the first person in the whole wide world apart from me, my agent, my editor and some friends... but still!)

To be in with a chance of winning, please leave a comment below answering the following question:

How far would YOU go to win this book?*

I'll pick a winner on Monday morning. That gives you the whole weekend to come up with a wild and wonderful answer. This contest is open internationally, and you don't have to be a follower to enter.


*Thanks to the lovely @mattlibrarian for the contest idea!


  1. I would babble all about it on twitter. So much until I bored people to death. If I won I'd brag. I'd make sure that everyone knew. I'd tell my friends, all while wearing a smug on my face. But inside, I'd just be happy to win :)


  2. I would tell everybody I know (that will listen) to buy Torn when it comes out. (twitter, fb and blog friends included). Yeah, that's quite a few people right there. *nods head*

  3. I would go as far as to completely sell everything I own (except from my Blessed books of course) and give the money to either You, or a charity of your choice, Cat! In fact, scratch that, I would do anything to get that book. Anything. No end to the farther-ness (is that a word?) I would go to get that book. I'd steal puppies and give them to you as playmates for Griffin! Is that enough? Do I win now?

  4. How far would I go? Please. You should be asking me what I WOULDN'T do. I would go outside in public, dressed as a pirate, yelling in a pirate voice "Come see, me hearties, me wonderful ARRRCCeee of Toorrrrn", then I'd do the dance Captain Shakespeare does in the film version of Stardust, then I'd buy some fake throwing stars, and become some strange pirate-ninja hybrid, and I'd happily persuade/scare people into buying Entangled and then researching Torn, then I would hop on the tube and visit every tube station in London, leaving my pirate-ninja calling card at every stop (then I'd go home and shower because the tube is truly awful), and THEN I would put on a princess costume (ack, princesses) and would tell everyone I met that if they became your servants for the day, I would give them a special royal title, and then I would eat some sushi, just because, and then I would go home, and collapse from exhaustion. I've actually completely forgotten half of what I just wrote, but yes, I would do it all :).


  5. How far would I go?

    I would go as far as Cape Town (in December) and have a photograph taken with me reading Torn outside (or on) every tourist attraction the Cape has to offer - from the top of Table Mountain to Cape Point itself (and everything in between!)

  6. I'd eat chocolate instead of cheese. Simples. (And you know I'd rather have cheese). Fret not, this isn't me entering the competition because I don't want to deprive someone else of reading this ace book. And it is ACE! Good luck everyone. :-)

  7. I'll come and camp outside your house for a night with my two little boys, their little faces will make you melt and let me read your book :) x

  8. How far would I go? I would travel around the world a million times! If I saw someone with a copy of Torn, I would create some sort of heist, suspend from the ceiling, do things James Bond never even dreamed of. I'd have no shame, take candy from children, push the elderly out of the way (then write them all apologies because I can't be mean), all for Torn. Look what you're making me do! The girl scout in me is not pleased. :P


  9. I would buy you lots and lots and lots of cheese :D

  10. I would walk Griffin for you every day for a year. Oh that wouldn't really be a hardship though as he is so darn cute.

  11. I would send Bailey to you and you and Griffin would be overwhelmed by her cuteness and little nibbly teeth....

  12. I would do anything for Torn...but I won't do that.

  13. I would...
    tweet it
    blog it
    facebook it

    I would also link you to my review of Entangled which I loved by the way! Esp the cover!! And about that both the girls on you covers have such a similar pose-the sides are opp but otherwise!! So cool! Um wat else..Oo..I would leave a comment on every post you make from today forwards annnd i would spread the word about Torn AND Entangled!! :) And I would also tell you what a wonderful and generous author you are!!! :D

  14. I have one word for you: FUDGE


    Ta Ta!

  15. I would travel 200 miles to come to your house bringing wine, nibbles and healthy treats for your dog! Oh, wait, I'm already doing that. Shit. Er... I'll get back to you...

  16. Let me think... I would probably have to stand my two tiny, weeny, cutesy little children outside your house in the pouring rain (bound to be raining), looking soulful as their mummy has abandoned them until she gets the book. Those big eyes...

    I'd then sneak into your house and feed prunes to Griffin so he has some interesting poo - see the stick and the carrot approach? Oh, I'd also have to hire a private investigator to FIND your house first.

    So make that cutesy, teeny, weeny STARVING children as Mummy has used up all the grocery money on a private investigator. And prunes.

  17. I'd lend you all my favorite books! And then we could eat some cheese!!

    No, honestly, I'm not being selfish at all. o.o

  18. To win Torn, I would travel across the ocean that separates us, in a dingy (if need be), through treacherous waters, battling ruthless pirates, swooning over Captain Jack Sparrow, and braving my inevitable sea-sickness, to land at your stoop, knees on the ground, hands clasped, with puppy dog eyes and the odd stench of being at sea for far too long. I'd then proceed to beg for your precious.

    How's that?

  19. How far would I go? I'd go FAR! Seriously far!

    In fact, I would go all the way over there! *Points to a spot which is rather faraway* Honest I would. Now that might not seem like much, but you have to understand that I am lazy and I very much enjoy sitting down at my computer. The distant dot on my horizon (cough... I might have pointed at a tree about 500 meters away...) at least SEEMS very far away.

    A journey of that distance would be no easy task. I would have to:

    Get up
    Turn off my computer
    Try and get my hair to look less... "special"
    Find a pair of shoes which actually match
    Ponder whether I can emerge in public in PJs with an unsightly zit on my chin...
    Decide that I can NOT emerge in public in PJs with an unsightly zit on my chin
    Put on real clothes
    Find cement which might cover unsightly zit
    Have a little bit of a sit down... all this hard work will have made me sleepy.
    Leave house.
    Walk across the park, dodging the teenagers who like pointy things.
    Reach the distant point.
    Then...the journey home would begin.

    See? You see how far I'm willing to go for your book!? Frodo's got noting on me! Surely such a quest deserves a reward?!

  20. I would go quite far to win a book. I would write a song for the book and singing it live in front of lots of people and also do an interpretive dance whilst singing

  21. *reads everyone's comments and realise that he hasn't got a chance in Hell*

    I was going to cook a cake for you. Or try to. And if that fails, find a recipe to make a cake for Griffin, and hand-deliver it to you. And then tweet like a mad man, begging and pleading...

  22. I would stop threatening to steal Griffin from you... I would give my right leg... and my left one. I would do quite literally anything for this book! It would be loved and cared for and I would tell EVERYONE I know to buy it (as I already do for entangled) Id even.... video me dancing around my bedroom with it when it arrives AND post the video on my blog! :D

  23. How far would I go - well I'd build a boat out of Popsicle sticks, paddle across a river filled with sharks with "frickin lasers" on their heads,using a paddle made of a tree branch and banana leaf... only to make it to the other side and have to battle a troll, a rouge unicorn and a mass of zombies and have nothing to use to keep me safe but my boat and paddle.

    Once I make it through all that, because I do you know I would beg for the book and just for good measure bake you some cookies.

    meandmyshelf at gmail dot com

  24. i would do a lot for thorn, but one things for sure ill do is chocolate!!!


  25. I would go as far as the bleached white rocks of the moon, and as near as my own ephemeral, many-coloured soul. As long as the length of a woman's hopeless love and as short as the length of a heartbeat in the arms of a beloved. As deep as the mysterious, black canyons of the ocean and as shallow as a drop of dew falling from the petal of a newly opened flower in the springtime. As bright as the first light of the North Star and as dull as shadows in the hidden crevices of an iceberg in the centre of the world.

    In other words: PICK ME PICK ME PICK MEEEEE!

  26. How far will I go? Well, I'll let someone else win...but I'm not giving up. I'll go to the winner's house and intercept the package :P.

    Yeah, that sounds creepy.

    Okay, okay, how about I turn off the air conditioner for the rest of the summer? Endurance, man. Endurance.

    How about I exercise? (I hate exercising. I'm just that weak :P)

    jadedlittlegirlx [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. I would spell the name of the book in ginormous letters in the garden using something colorful (I'm still pondering the specifics), took a bird's eye view photo from my second story bedroom window (which would be quite a challenge since my camera died a few weeks ago, RIP) and maybe tried to do some motion picture animation out of it (I've always wanted to try it!) Then (if I managed to persuade my parents that I'm sane) I would do a happy dance, read the book and surely do a review on my blog :)

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  28. I would make a shrine out of the book on my blogger website and make sure everyone buys a copy of it when it's released!

  29. *To the tune of The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be*

    When I wake up, yeah I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one who wakes up with your book
    When I go out, yeah I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one who goes out with your book

    When I get drunk, yeah I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one who gets drunk reading TORN
    When I haver, yeah I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one who's havering 'bout TORN

    But I would walk 500 miles
    And I would walk 500 more
    Just to be the one that walked 1000 miles
    To read your new book, TORN!!!

    And if that hasn't swayed you, then maybe I could throw in an air freshner for your kitchen :D

    ;) Emma

    aka @emmarush75

  30. Wow. People are willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths for this book, huh?

    Is there anyone you'd like killing?....

    ....I'm only kidding, of course. Maming perhaps :p

    I'd certainly go as far as walking over hot coals to a crane, with no ladder, that I then have to climb to the top of before bungee jumping off to collect my prize. I did consider saying I'd do all this while dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland; then I though "Long dress? Hot coals?!". I've seen what happens when a Christmas fairy gets put just a teeny bit TOO close to the lights.

    Turns out that I draw the line at burning to death whilst dressed in a frock. Who'd have thought it?

  31. I would leave a note on your blog letting you know I just purchased a copy of Forgotten last Thursday? Okay, that's way, how about holding my breath until this contest is over? No? Man, tough crowd. *rubs palms together* What if I promised to create an original collage in homage to Torn - after reading the ARC, of course? And I'm thinkin' "setting myself on fire" would be a little extreme, so I'll just quit right now.