Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to work

Remember the lovely Scattered Laura, who won the very first ARC of TORN? Well, she's gone and written a review, which you can read it here if you so desire. I recommend you do... Not because it's a review of my book, but because Laura is hilarious!

Yesterday I was back at my desk for the first time post-pup. It's been impossible to work with the little bundle of trouble distracting me, but now I am officially BACK ON IT. Now, how does this writing malarkey work again? Maybe a cup of tea will help. And a biscuit. And maybe I should catch up on my blog reading first...

Gratuitous pup pic


  1. Aww! Gorgeous. And I love the review. Hurray!

  2. Thank you! It was an amazing book! :)

  3. The most hilarious review I've read in a while! Good luck with the writing, Cat! :)

  4. Everytime I see Griffin he gets more and more cuter (translations: carry on uploading for photos of him). :) Amazing review! I can't believe it is until 2012 until I have to wait for it to come out...

  5. *sneaks into Cats house* *steals Griffin* *leaves*.... *comes back for a copy of Torn* :D

    Arent you glad I don't actually know where you live!?
    I love Grif... hes sooooooo cute! I cant wait to get my hands on Torn, I haven't read Laura's reviewyet but its open waiting for me to read on my tabs... And yay for being back to writing!