Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My very first literary festival...

... recounted using pictures of dubious quality. (Except none of the pics are of the actual literary bit. Sorry.)

 A sign

 Pre-festival breakfast... nom nom nom

 A walk on windy, rainy Ilkley Moor (N.B. I was *not* dressed appropriately for this.)

 A waterfall on windy, rainy Ilkley Moor

 Wet leaves are slippy... who knew?!

 A creepy path (N.B. It looked way creepier in real life, honest.)

 Putting my feet up before the literary endeavours begin

Post-workshop reward: room service! Courgette risotto with crispy onions... and X Factor on the telly

In between the walking and the lounging and the eating, there were two workshops in Otley on Sunday and a workshop at Roundhay School in Leeds on Monday. I also met the very lovely David Logan (fellow Quercus author) and Martyn Bedford (author of FLIP, which looks... er... flippin' excellent).

My abiding memory of Ilkley? Bloody hilarious conversations with taxi drivers, which can not be recounted here. Rest assured they will be making an appearance in my writing one day.

What have YOU been up to, my lovely friends?


  1. I was going to congratulate you on remembering to take photos of your festival, because when I did my first one this year I was so kerfuffled I managed 1 pic of the festival and 1 of a toilet. Did you have the festival camera kerfuffles or did you just have better things to do? Well done for surpassing my toilet snap anyway!

  2. Did you blog the toilet picture, Tom? I think the world needs to see book festival toilets.

    It didn't cross my mind to take photos of the workshops themselves, but there WAS a photographer milling around. *cringes in anticipation*

  3. I hope book festival toilets aren't like music festival toilets.

    Brilliant pics, Cat! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

  4. Thanks Luisa! I enjoyed *most* of the minutes.

  5. Great pictures, it looked like fun :)

  6. those pictures look cosy! I love a good autumn stroll! I hope you had lots of fun!