Tuesday, April 6, 2010

100th post! Let's celebrate!

This is my 100th post! Woohoo! Hard to believe, isn't it? OK, maybe not for you, but for me, this is an achievement. Not a HUGE achievement, granted, but an achievement nonetheless.

To celebrate, I'm going to share with you 100 Things About Me You Will Probably Not Know (But You Might If You Happen To Be A Member Of My Family Or A Close Personal Friend):

1. I'm obsessed with sharks, and have been for years and years and years. I used to have a lot of dreams about being attacked by sharks. (NB - dreams not nightmares).

2. So far I have named all my cats after characters in To Kill a Mockingbird.

3. I get mardy trying on clothes in shops and sometimes feel like the clothes are trying to attack me. Going shopping with me can be a bad idea.

4. One day, I'd like to be in a West End musical. Probably as 'Third wench on the left' or something lame like that. As long as there's a bit of singing and dancing, I don't care!

5. I heart all reality cookery shows, especially Top Chef.

6. My most-played song on my iPod is still Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy.

7. I make an awesome goat's cheese and pea risotto.

8. I wish Friday Night Lights was real.

9. I am TERRIBLE at waiting for emails. Most. Impatient. Person. Ever.

Whoa, whoa, whoa there! You didn't SERIOUSLY think I was going to make it to 100, did you? AS IF. I don't have the patience for that, and also... I'm just not that interesting. So, nine it is. Sorry. 

Anyhoo, here's to 100 more posts. Maybe even better than the last 100 (well, we can dream, can't we?).


  1. Congrats on your 100th post. I was just settling down to read 100 things about you. Oh well! My favourite is No. 7. I love risotto - goats cheese and pea sounds yum.

  2. Congrats! I have a shark scarf I just posted about that you would probably like :)

    and please post recipe for risotto - I need a good one!


  3. Cat, we need to be in a musical together - about a reality tv cookery programme...get Lloyd-Weber on the blower. Congrats on your 100th post! I really thought you were going to do 100, you tease!!

  4. Rosalind- I'm so sorry to disappoint! Maybe I'll pick up where I left off one day.

    Aimee- LOVE the scarf!

    Emily- OMG, you are ON for that musical. I take it you're watching Aussie Masterchef? It seems to have been on forever (and yet I want it to never end...).

  5. These are fun! I want the full hundred. :D