Saturday, April 24, 2010

Copy-editing Genius Lady

I love my copy-editor. I am in AWE of my copy-editor. She has made ENTANGLED much, much better in so many ways. Here are a few of them:

1. She pointed out my frankly ridiculous overuse of the J-word and managed to cull some of those bad boys. I culled a few more when I went through the copy-edit. It was very satisfying.

2. She got to know my characters so well that she was able to say 'I don't think Grace would say something like that'. Of course, I immediately thought 'Ha! You are WRONG! Nobody knows my characters like I do. If I wrote it, it MUST be something Grace would say.' And then I read it. And realized how very wrong I was.

3. She managed to get me to change a bit of the manuscript that was (ever so slightly) morally dubious. Again, at first I was all 'I LIKE being morally dubious! Morally dubious is what I do best!' And then I thought about it. And realized how very wrong I was.

4. She made me look at ENTANGLED with a much more critical eye. I got rid of some bits that made me cringe and looked at every sentence afresh. This was time-consuming and brain-hurty, but definitely worthwhile.

5. There's a word I've been spelling wrong for years and years. Copy-editing Genius Lady drew this to my attention. I hung my head in shame.

So I hereby declare today to be International Love Your Copy-editor Day. I bow down to these unsing heroes of the publishing world. They deserve thanks and praise and MEDALS.


  1. Which word? I think we should be told! But yes, yes..fantastic copy editors. And proof readers..And kind friends with advance copies..

  2. Not a chance, Keren! My lips are sealed. Luckily it's not a word I use all that often. Still... the shame.

  3. I love this and when you read a badly edited book, oh my, how you pine for a good copy -editor. Lucky you.

  4. Sounds like your Copy Editor is awesome. It's so interesting learning more about the part of the writing process I don't usually hear / think about. Oh, I totally want to know which word you mispelled for years too.

  5. I can't spell wierd/weird!? Does the usual i before e rule apply? I don't even know.