Thursday, April 15, 2010

A good day

Yesterday was a very writerly sort of day, despite not actually doing any writing. First exciting thing was visiting Quercus Towers and having lunch with my amazing publicity guru.

Quercus Towers is awesome. There's a garden - a garden they have parties in! How cool is that?! And there are many, many books (and I got to take some home... the TBR pile is now officially Out Of Control). I got to meet everyone, and needless to say, everyone was lovely. Seriously, the publishing biz is packed to the rafters with supernice people. There surely must be a supernice-people deficit in all other industries...

Lunch with Amazing Publicity Guru was fab (lamb souvlaki - nom nom). It was really interesting to find out more about the whole publicity malarkey and to start thinking about the day when (gulp) Entangled will be out there in the world. All very exciting/scary biscuits.

I headed back to work for a busy afternoon - one in which I actually (shock, horror) ACHIEVED something tangible. And then it was cocktail o'clock and time to meet up with the fabulous Liz (of My Favourite Books fame) and Kaz (FYI: fabulous UK author whose debut The Iron Witch is being published by Flux in the US next Spring). Much fun was had. Conversation topics included: books, publishing and er... the downside of wearing leather trousers. (Don't ask. No, really, don't ask.) On the way home we went to Waterstone's and generally caused a ruckus. They had to chuck us out at closing time. This has never happened to me in a bookshop before. (It has, however, happened to me in many other establishments...)

Yesterday was a good day for me. I hope it was a good day for you too.


  1. Ooh it sounds like you had a thoroughly exciting day. Meeting your publicist and other peeps who are going to make your book dream a reality.
    Other than one annoying parent, I did have a good day. (There is always one, isn't there).

  2. Oh I love days like that..I bet everyone at Quercus Towers were excited too.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!

    (How, just how do you get chucked out of a bookshop?)