Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bloggers go wild in Waterstone's

Yesterday I met up with lots of lovely YA book bloggers in Waterstone's Piccadilly. This little gathering was arranged by Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase. It was heaps of fun - man, I love talking to booky people. They're my very favourite kind of people. I got to meet some peeps I've been talking to online for a while, and some new folk who I'll no doubt be talking to a lot in future.

I bought some books even though I was under a strict book-buying ban. I just couldn't help myself... the excitement was infectious. The depth of YA knowledge in the group was IMPRESSIVE. Like some kind of YA dream team.

I left Waterstone's with renewed enthusiasm for books and writing and everything. I didn't even mind that I was going home to face The Neverending Proofread of Entangled.

So the moral of this story is... booky people RULE. Non-booky people: you have a lot to live up to.

Right... back to the proofread (and deleting yet more rogue 'justs').


  1. Sounds like a really fantastic day, and I love the idea of a YA dream team. Booky people are my favourites too.

  2. BOOKY PEOPLE RULE!!! This needs to be on a T shirt that we can wear to all book related events!

    It was such a fun day Cat and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and all the other girls in the flesh! Must stop using "!" but THAT's how awesome the day was! hahaha. I think that when bloggers get together, they must release some kind of creative energy which is brilliant and I love getting recommendations from people too. After you left, we went to Foyles and I found Speak and Elsewhere (YAY). We all spent way too much but we couldn't help it I'm afraid!

    Hope the proofreading is going ok and if you need any help from an OCD proof reader (I can't help myself when reading, really), then just shout!

  3. Hey Cat!
    I couldn't sleep last night for all the bookish excitement. It was so great to meet the person behind the tweets and the awesome 14 days of Entangled that I got to read. I was seriously over-excited. I blame it all on the signed copy of Monsters of Men. I was never going to be able to hide my zaniness after that.
    I love booky people. Yes I do. Yes I do!

  4. Lauren- You're part of the dream team too... I think we need a theme tune.

    Lynsey- so fab to meet you! And you're in for such a treat with Speak and Elsewhere. Thanks for the offer of proofreading help, my friend. Alas, I have to do it myself... last chance to get rid of rubbish word choices!

    Becky- It was so lovely to finally meet you. And I apologize for teasing you about Perfect Chemistry - couldn't resist!


  5. It was lovely to meet you yesterday. I was still excited when I got home! WE all are really awesome...

  6. How cool! Sounds like it was a great time. I agree: book people rock!

  7. It was lovely to meet you yesterday Cat - I had so much fun talking books with everyone :o) I didn't get time to download the pictures from my phone today but I'll email them out to everyone tomorrow

  8. Hey Cat !
    It was so amazing to meet everyone Saturday (and to realize that I am not completely alone in my book-obsession hehe)!
    Can't wait to read Entangled and I'm so happy I could get writing advice from you and the others !
    By the way, I agree with the t-shirts idea Lynsey !!

  9. How did I not comment on this? It was really great to meet you - unfortunately I didn't escape without buying too many books but never mind! Glad you had a good time:) And I agree - bookish peeps rule!