Friday, July 9, 2010

Books to make you smile

First of all, thank you so much for the warm welcome back into the world of blogging. I really, really appreciate it.

Another short post from me today - sorry. I need your help again.

Which book makes you smile? Which book brings you joy? And why? Do you prefer shiny happy books, or gritty, depressing ones? Or a bit of both, depending on your mood?

Thank you.


  1. Books that make me smile are happy ending books or books with seriously badass Mexican guys ;-)
    I love dark books too but they don't make me happy. They cause a whole different set of emotions.

    A happy soppy book is The Other Countess by Eve Edwards. (Love in the time of Q Elizabeth 1.
    I actually like to read Jaclyn Moriarty when I feel down. Recommend Feeling Sorry for Celia. It is so funny.

    Or I read Harry Potter. Comfort blanket of the best kind. But then I do love the Weasleys.

  2. I find that different things make me smile at different times. It kind of depends how happy or sad I was before I started reading.

    For slightly down-in-the-dumps times, I have a whole list of children's books that I love: stuff like Ballet Shoes and the Ramona books. They take me back to a less complicated time, I guess.

    For really sad times, it has to be something that's laugh-out-loud funny. On one of the absolute worst days of my life I read Swapped By A Kiss by Luisa Plaja and it picked me up more than I thought anything could. Oh, and once I picked up Ellen DeGeneres' My Point... And I Do Have One for a really long flight alone and it made me laugh so much that strangers were tutting at me.

  3. I really like both. I need to be in the mood for a 'sad' book though, like Hold Still, The Hate List or Before I Die - all of which made be cry my eyes out!

    I think my 'comfort reads' are books that are predictable - a book I KNOW will have a happy ending - maybe some heartache on the way - but ones where I will end up with a big goofy smile on my face. Such as Meg Cabot (all of them really) , Luisa Plaja (LOVE swapped by a kiss!), and Jennifer Echols come to mind. Which are all romance too - hmm... interesting!

  4. HarryHarryHarry. Because I need Voldy's snark and the Weasley family.

    Anything by TA Barron is good.

  5. Any book by Georgette Heyer. Fabulous romances.

  6. Nick Earls always makes me laugh, Perfect Skin and 48 Shades of Brown in particular are great reads. He captures the truths in times of sadness beautifully while making you laugh out loud about absurd situations his characters find themselves in.

  7. Dick Francis - the earlier the better. Dead Cert and For Kicks are my comfort reads. Bad guys are properly bad and good guys are flawed enough to be likeable. Although the endings are rarely unconditionally happy.