Thursday, July 29, 2010


Look what turned up in my office yesterday - much to my surprise! A lovely, shiny pink ARC of my book. It's a book - with pages and words and EVERYTHING! And I wrote it. Yes, I'm perfectly aware I sound like an idiot, thank you very much. But this is a Big Deal for me.

I'd like to share the joy by giving you the opportunity to win one of these bad boys.

The rules:

1. You must be a follower of this blog.
2. You must be a person who lives somewhere in the world. Yes, that's right, this contest is open INTERNATIONALLY. I'm willing to brave the hideousness that is the post office for you guys.
3. You must... Nah, that's it. Bored of rules now.

To be in with a chance of winning, please complete the following sentence:

I need to read Entangled right this second because...

The winner will be whoever makes me laugh the most/tugs on my heartstrings/says something just plain crazy. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, so you only have three short days to enter. 

Good luck!


  1. OK, this is going to be difficult. I need to read Entangled right this second because:

    1. You're awesome
    2. The book is PINK, c'mon PINK man...I AM A GIRL AND SO I NEED IT! And it will match my netbook (which is such a girly thing to say right?)
    4. If I can read it right this second then all of the little book worms that live inside me will be happy :) You want to make the book worms happy right?
    5. I want to know what the MC writes when she is shut in a room for so long
    6. I will share the entangled love with other bloggers :)
    7. That is all


  2. Damn you Lynsey Newton - My answer was 'because I'm the first person to comment!'

    I will rethink and return. x

  3. Lynsey - you might want to see a doctor about those book worms. Now... is it cheating writing a list?! Hmm... it's just as well I happen to LOVE lists. Good luck!

    Nice try, Liz!

  4. I need to read Entangled right this second because....

    I'm a book addict and your book is the next on my list!!


  5. I need to read Entangled right this second because....

    You wouldn't let me finish in the office yesterday and pages 1 to 6 were AMAZING and I need to find out what happens!!

  6. I need to read entangled right this second because it looks awesome and I will love and cherish it dearly and lend it to everyone I know so they can all be as excited about it as I am!!

  7. I need to read entangled right this second because...I can't sleep at night, thinking about that cover teaser; and I can't wait to tell my 800+ followers on Twitter and 400+ friends on Facebook and 120 blog followers just how awesome it is.

  8. .... Summer holidays...
    Finished The Passage- super scary
    ......... Hush Hush- can't wait for Crescendo!!!
    .........Shiver/ Linger awesome when is part 3 coming out?
    ......... The Fallen, nearly finished unputdownable- just taking a breather
    So??? I need to read Entangled right this second because... it will transfer me far far away to a place where french homework and messy rooms do not matter!!!

  9. I need to read entangled right this second because...

    it's pink and shiny. I just LOVE shiny things. Also it looks extremely good, & everyone should want to read it right this second!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy! :)

  10. I need to read Entangled right this second because...

    Because it looks like it could be a bestseller. Therefore, I need to get my hands on it.


  11. Ooh there are some real contenders here! Loving the flattery too...

  12. I need to read Entangled right this second because...

    a list.
    -it's purdy :}
    -it's v. purdy..
    can you see where this is going?!
    -it's pink!
    -you are awesome!
    -Entangled was the first book that went on my wishlist after I started blogging.
    -I can gush. Lots. :D
    -IT'S PINK!!!

    kaythnxbye :')


  13. I need to read Entangled right this second because...I'm passing the time until Entangled's release date by watching endless episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras to dull the pain of having not read it yet. I've now become so obsessed with child pageants that I actually just wept when one of the kids retired from pageantry. It's bad, Cat, it's bad - particularly bad that I just used the word 'pageantry' without batting an eyelid. Only you can save me.x

  14. I would enter, except that I'm going to browbeat our publisher into sending me a copy the very second it's out.


  15. I need to read Entangled right this second because
    it will be more inspiring to me than a pep talk by Coach Taylor.

    Also, Tim Riggins wants me to read it, you wouldn't want to let him down, would you?!

  16. I need to read Entangled right this second is a crime against humanity that I still do not know what happens on Day 15. Pity me...I have so many questions that I want answered.

    (If I already won a contest, does that mean I have less chance of winning?)

  17. Meow! (i bet you get that a lot instead of hello?)

    well this is so freak-a-leaking exciting and i am so jealous you have your own book!

    oh my cousins name is Brooke and that rhymes with book, does that up my chances??

    i love to read read read and i am smooth but not a criminal. well no i am

    here it is i live a very boring life in the most boring state of Minnesota where all we have is corn and cows.

    *reaches over and pulls on your heartstrings* (sorry if it hurt!)

    oh and i couldn't figure out how to comment as so my name is penelope btw! (and i stalk you!) as in follow!

  18. Hey there Cat!
    I am loving the pink ARC and everyone knows I am slightly obsessed when it comes to that colour (what am I saying, "the" colour, the rest are coffee stains), but the real real real reason why I want to read Entangled (aside from you being awesome and me wanting to read what the awesome you writes) is because you are the most incredible defender of the cause of cheese in the UK at the moment (if not the world!) and this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
    *blinks* What do you mean, my answer has nothing to do with the book? :)

    Thanks for organising this contest!!

    Have a lovely weekend! x

  19. I need to read Entangled right this second because I am so excited about it that I've already pre-ordered, and I've never pre-ordered a book before so that shows just how completely mind-bendingly excited I am to read it, and although you might think this means I don't need the ARC because I'll be getting a copy eventually I would point out that 'need' is relative and 'eventually' is still VERY far away right now, and besides if I win I will donate my pre-ordered copy to my local library in a (rare) pay-it-forward style selfless act of, er, selflessness.

  20. I need to read Entangled right this second because if not I will scream so loud every single glass shoe in the universe will smash and then what will the princesses do? They'll just have to go right back home on a pumpkin and sweep floors with only singing birds for company. Do you want that on your head? The DESTRUCTION of every "would be" princess in the world? I dont think you do, so this is the only sensible option.

  21. I need to read Entangled right this second because... There is a dog sleeping on my feet, so I'm pretty much in a state of entanglement myself. That's not all though. I fear moving my feet in case said dog gets miffed with me and decides to eat one of my other books, so I'm trapped with nothing to entertain me by my Internet. So you see, a lovely shiny ARC of entangled might be jut the thing to save me from boredom, or worse, the wrath of my dog.
    Plus, when my dog isn't sleeping on my feet she's indulging in one of our taconite pasttimes: book smelling. So of course both of us are eager to see if Entangled lives up to the hype on the sniffing front too.

    Bindi (my dog) and I thank you for your international love.
    And the arc is so pretty, congrats. :)

    P.S. Please, don't let Bindi hurt my feet!!

  22. I need to read Entangled right this second because OMG I soooo want to read this book and January is ridiculously far away! I want to know why Grace wakes up in a white room. I want to find out about Ethan, Nat and Sal! And OMG! I just saw the cover on the Quercus website and have fallen in love with it!

    If that doesn't work I'm trying to think of a bribe ... hmm.... I know you like Kittens