Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh look, it's 2011.

Happy New Year and all that shiz. I trust you're not too hungover? Good.

Just to let you know that I'm over at Wondrous Reads today, talking to Jenny about music. In case you didn't know, Jenny is a music guru. In fact, I reckon she should start some sort of music consultancy service. If you do head over to check out this interview, you have to promise you won't laugh at the inclusion of Avril Lavigne. Do you PROMISE? OK, you may click on the link now.

In other news, I cooked beef last night and it turned out to be so overcooked I nearly cried.

In other other news, I am going to visit my nephew this afternoon to see if the indoor boomerang I got him for Christmas actually works.

In other other other news, I want to play Mario Kart, but I seem to have lost a vital connecty thingummyjig that goes in the back of the TV, so I can't. Sigh.


  1. Don't worry, I have Avril on my playlist too. Contagious really is um, so contagious. Happy New Year! Oh, and Entangled has been dispatched from Amazon, exciting!

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with Avril Lavigne, damn it! Happy New Year lovely :) x

  3. Happy 2011, Cat! YOUR BOOK IS OUT IN LIKE SIX DAYS! How are you holding up? I'm celebrating in NYC for you!

  4. Happy New Year, Cat!

    I think WE should start a music consultancy service... you up for it?

  5. Happy New Year, Cat. I have a few Avril Lavigne tracks on my ipod, actually, so I can't judge.

    Anyway, onto more serious matters: Mario Kart rocks. Except for the Rainbow Road track, which is way too hard for me. Hope you found that connector.