Sunday, January 2, 2011

Four days to go

Hello, lovely readers. You're looking particularly foxy today, if I may say so. Did you do something new with your hair?

Today, on the never-ending-but-not-really-it-ends-on-Thursday blog tour, I'm chatting to The Bookette about New Year's resolutions and cave-aged Gruyere.

I'm also trying to make a Big Decision: what to write next. I was all set to start on one shiny new idea when ANOTHER ONE popped into my head while I was listening to the news. And now I don't know what to do! Anyone out there good at making decisions? Any advice for me?

P.S. Something important is happening in four days' time...


  1. Lol you are funny. I am totally not good at decisions myself so I am no help to you.
    How about you write the idea that is going to make you the happiest :D
    I wonder what could be happening in 4 days ;D

  2. My advice is to write the idea that you feel most passionate about. If you are feeling super excited about the new idea, why not just go for it? If you love the other idea you already had, sketch out the new idea and then leave it for another time. Or if you are feel a little crazy write both at once.

    Thanks stopping by my blog! x

  3. asamum- Hmm... neither idea is exactly happy-making. I could throw in some unicorns though. That might help.

    Becky- Thanks for having me on your esteemed blog! And thanks for the advice... I might just do that.

  4. Only FOUR days! That's so exciting! And I agree with both ladies - I'd go with the idea you're most excited about, otherwise it'll keep bothering you in the back of your mind until you tackle it.x

  5. Talk to your agent...I find that's the best way to know which ideas to pursue.

  6. You ... saw ... I ... didn't ... brush ... my ... hair ...

    I really must remember to sort my hair out before I sit at this computer in future LOL.

    Just 4 days :) I pre-ordered and apparently it's on its way :)))

  7. Thank you. I have just had my hair done, as it happens. My advice is to work on both ideas and you'll soon know which is the one to stick with. It'll be the one that your mind keeps working on when your away from the computer.

  8. My hair? Yeah..glad you like it.. *didn't brush her hair this morning*

    Four days time, you say? Hmm..I wonder what it is!

  9. I can report that I have started the new shiny idea, and it is extra shiny (much like your hair, lovely reader...).