Monday, January 10, 2011

Voracious readers

Yay! It's Monday. I'm returning to the real world after the madness of last week. Thank you so much to everyone who made my pub. day extra-nice by being so, well, nice.

It's come to my attention that there are a good number of people out there who can and often do read books in one sitting. How do I know this? Some of them have told me they read ENTANGLED in one go. This blows my mind. A Twitter friend asked me if I took that as a huge compliment or whether I was annoyed that the book could be gobbled up like that after I've slaved over it for years. I definitely take it as a compliment, since I have never ever managed to read a book in one sitting (not counting teeny-tiny short books, of course). I get distracted too easily. There's always something else I feel I should be doing. Unless I'm reading in bed at night. Then I can read for a good two or three hours without distraction. But the idea of sitting down in a chair and reading one book from cover to cover? A.MAZ.ING.

So please tell me your secrets, oh voracious readers! How do you do it? Got any top tips for me? Snack/drink recommendations? And which books have you read in one sitting, and why?

Readers-who-are-immune-to-distraction, I salute you!


  1. I do it a ton because if it's a good book, I need to know what happens or I will go insane.

    It's like when your watching a TV show. you can't just watch 10 minutes of it and then turn it off to watch the rest later. No! You want to watch the entire episode!

    It's definitely easier to do when life isn't getting in the way-- like work or other stuff-- but like lazy sundays when I have no obligations whatsoever are perfect. :)

  2. Looksie - That makes sense to me! I certainly couldn't turn off the TV in the middle of watching Friday Night Lights. I'm going to take your advice and try this on a lazy Sunday.

  3. I have never managed to read a whole book in one sitting. I read too slowly - about the same speed you'd read aloud, so even when I sit all day with a book, I still can't finish it. I think it takes me an average of 12-15 hours to read a book from start to finish. Saying that, because I read so slowly I also get to notice all the little things that are going on and remember them. My ex hubby (still my friend and STILL pinches my books!) can read a book in just a few hours, but ask him questions about it a couple of days later and he's forgotten. If we read the same book I can point things out and he didn't even notice that bit. So, I'm glad I read slowly and savour every word :)

  4. I read The Subtle Knife in one sitting whilst at uni. Technically, it was in one lying as I was in bed with Dummy by Portishead on repeat on my stereo. Now I can't listen to that album without looking over my shoulder for Spectres...

  5. I'd consider myself to have raced through a book if I've finished it in 3 days and at least six separate sittings. I'm more about stamina than speed!

  6. The Slowest Bookworm - So would you say slow and steady is the best way? Maybe there's something to be said for that too!

    Non - I refuse to believe that you read TSK while lying down and you didn't fall asleep! This is YOU we're talking about!

    Massive Dog - I'd consider that good going, too. Is that how long it took you to read War and Peace?

  7. I must confess that W&P took a little longer than 3 days and was a real endurance test! It's not something that I'd recommend without a rigorous training regime!

  8. umm - there are several factors that mean I get through a book in one sitting

    summer holidays I have 6 weeks off and do not need to go to bed at a given time - this means I am able to read things until late if I really want to (or I have whole free days for reading)

    If my husband is in the middle of some kind of computer game and geneally ignoring me I get through them quick.

    Hunger games I almost did in one sitting. It just depends on how hooked I am on a title. I say one sitting - there are sometimes mini breaks for snacks / toilet breaks!

  9. Just popping in via the crabbit old bat :-)

    I love to read but for me distractions come in the form of my kids! But if a book really grabs me the dinner goes uncooked.

  10. Kirsty- I think I did The Hunger Games in three sittings and that was probably a record for me.

    Kate- Welcome! Glad you're willing to sacrifice the family dinner for a good read!

  11. I quite often read books in one sitting but that is mainly because I suffer really badly with insomnia so when I can't sleep I end up reading for hours. I don't think my insomnia is helped by the fact that if I'm really enjoying a book I just can't put it down LOL!

    Not sure that I have any good tips for you but I wouldn't recommend trying to survive on 3-4 hours of sleep per night so perhaps it's best not to try :o)