Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm writing

Yup, I'm writing again. So that's good. But am I working on the thing I'm supposed to be working on (i.e. my WIP)? Hell no! I'm working on a Top Sekrit Something instead. In your face, WIP!

The TSS is very different from anything I've written before - completely out of my comfort zone. And by gum, I'm enjoying it. It's hard work and I'm having to THINK and write notes and RE-THINK and (gasp!) actually plot, for a change. Now you know I'm a committed pantser, right? But this project just demands plotting. It goes against everything I believe in, but it seems to be working. My whole world has been turned upside down. I'm not sure what to believe in any more. If I'm no longer a pantser, then WHO AM I?

On a lighter note, who is this Rebecca Black person? And WHY, GOD, WHY?!


  1. Yay! I look forward to the moment when the TSS is no longer super sekrit :)

    Also, on the subject of Rebecca Black... I think you said it well. I just don't understand :S

  2. Yay! Super exciting sekrit project... good luck and hope you have fun with it! (I finished chapter seven of my own book and got a fabulous response from my FABULOUS alpha reader.)

    OMG, that girl... she seriously needs to get a life. SHE THINKS SHE CAN SING??? The way she says the word "Friday" makes it sound like some sort of parody. O.. M.. G..
    I usually love rap, but that... that's not rap, that's... well, crap. (OMG, THAT RHYMES... I totally did not do that on purpose XD)

    No, seriously, IS THIS A JOKE??? AHH!!!!

  3. OMG, you live in Edinburgh!!! I'm part Scottish (I live in the U.S.) and I've been there -- it's beautiful. I was actually there during the festival, which was amazing!