Friday, March 4, 2011

Little house on the prairie (except not ACTUALLY on a prairie)

Apologies for my absence. I have been moving house. I am writing this post sitting at my shiny new desk, looking out onto the front garden. Behind me is my Wall of Bookshelves. There are no actual books on the shelves yet, but that situation will be rectified today.

Random things that happened this week:

1. My neighbour gave me some leeks from her garden...
2. ... and I made soup.
3. I talked to a fat squirrel.
4. I drank gin and tonic in the sunshine.
5. I accumulated four mysterious bruises and two bloody knuckles.
6. I used a spade and a strange claw-like tool to do some weeding in the garden.
7. I cried when I saw how lovely the new flooring looks. Don't laugh.

What random things have you been up to this week?


  1. how lovely! Glad you are settling in well at your new place and that the neighbours share their leeks!

  2. I can see you making jam before the year is out. Glad to hear you settled in. Worried about the squirrel talking though!

  3. awww it sounds lovely Cat. Especially the garden and the squirrels, sounds magical! :)

  4. that sounds most pleasant. this week I made dinner with only what was left in the cupboard (ie: not much), I may have trained the dog to sit, and I had writing-in-bed sessions where afterwards I was all arthritic and blinking into the light goin wha?

  5. I'm sorry - I laughed. That said, I have very much enjoyed our chats about flooring this week.

  6. SisterSpooky - I have high hopes for more veg from the neighbour! I may have to reciprocate in some way though...

    Vivienne - Don't be worried. The squirrel had exemplary conversational skills.

    Raimy-rawr - Thank you! It does feel kind of magical!

    Simmone - That sounds like a good week. Writing in bed is awesome. Dogs which sit on command are awesome too.

    Liz - Those chats were meant to be SEKRIT, dammit!

  7. Great to hear you are settling into your new pad. I totally understand about the flooring. I love the carpet we put into our living room. It is so fluffy!

    This week I dressed up as a badger. Plotted out what happens in every chapter of the book I'm writing. Started writing it. And then just the general blog stuff, work stuff, wife stuff. All good.

    Hope the cats are loving the new abode.

  8. 'The' front garden or 'your' front garden? As in, an actual garden of your very own? You're not in London anymore... *click heels together*

  9. While moving house totally blows, isn't *being* moved made completely of win? I think so.

    That must be *some* flooring.

  10. Hi, Cat! I'm a new follower...and it must be both fun and hard work to move into a new house! :)
    So this week, I read Entangled- which is how I found you had a blog (yay!) and I loved your book. You have a great blog too!
    That said...the post is totally lol :p