Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck the halls

I don't dress up my cats like reindeer, yet STILL they knock over the tree. And I've come to accept that the baubles on the lowest branches are the Sacrificial Baubles: they must die so that other may live. Tis truly a noble deed.

This is probably my last pre-Christmas post. Heading home to the Motherland tomorrow. I'm definitely ready for a break...

...BUT I've just got my first edit in from Roisin, my lovely editor at Quercus. I'll be working on it in the post-Christmas/pre-New Year lull. And I'm actually looking forward to it! The edit doesn't look too daunting - mostly cutting. Yes, the cuts might hurt a bit, but they're so obviously going to make my ms into a better book that I'm more than happy to prune and trim away. Before you know it I'll have a new-look, lean, mean manuscript. That'll be nice.

Happy Christmas to one and all! Hope you get lots of writing and/or reading done over the festive season. And may Santa bring you good things like cheese, plenty of YA books and stripey socks.

Song of the day: A Spaceman came Travelling, by Chris De Burgh (possibly my favourite Christmas song to sing along with)


  1. Nothing as fun as editing, and watching your text emerge even better than before. Enjoy!
    Oh, my favourite Christmas song to sing along to is A Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. Must go and listen to it again..

  2. Have fun with the edits!

    If it's any consolation, cutting is usually what I have to do at this point. My agent had me cut 25K words from my first novel before she sent it out. Twenty five thousand words!!! Ow.

  3. Keren-
    Good choice. Ever so slightly cooler than mine though...

    25K...? Ouch. Double ouch. That's got to hurt! 10,000 is my current record. I salute you!