Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where I write

Forgive me if there are any typos in this post. I slammed a door on one of my fingers in the middle of the night (middle finger, left hand, if you're interested). I was trying to halt a ninja cat invasion of my bedroom. The mission was successful, but the finger was collateral damage. Big ouch. I'll do my best to soldier on though, like a brave little... er... soldier.

One day I will write in a big white room at the top of a house. There will be no neighbours. The room will have huge windows overlooking the sea. There will be a big desk facing the window, and a ridiculously comfortable and perfectly ergonomic chair. To the right of the desk will be a whiteboard-clad wall scrawled with notes from the latest WIP. There might be the odd post-it stuck on there too. In this place I will be the writer I've always wanted to be: inspired, relaxed, organized and not plagued by RSI.

Now I write in a medium-sized room in a top floor flat. There are neighbours - noisy ones too. The room has a small window overlooking an estate. There is a sofa and a laptop. There is an notebook with scrawled notes from the WIP - a notebook I ALWAYS forget to look at. In this place I am the writer I am now: vaguely irritated by my neighbours, kind of uncomfortable, but pootling along just fine all the same.

The truth is, it doesn't really matter where you write, as long as you actually WRITE.

(Still, one day that Dream Room will be mine. Oh yes indeedy.)


  1. Oh, I covet thy imaginary room. I currently write in the local pub, or the caff, or in bed, or on the sofa with the laptop resting on the arm and my body awkwardly contorted to the right. I hope no Alexander Technique enthusiasts will read this.

  2. Writing in the PUB?! Genius idea. Could be dangerous though...

  3. I need to take this advice and ignore my surroundings (and annoying neighbours) and just WRITE!

  4. Kristy-
    Get writing that awesome bestseller just to spite the annoying neighbours. Start today!