Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joyful things

These are the things that are making me happy right now:

1. Don't Stop Believin', by Journey. I wonder how many times I can listen to this song before I start to hate it. I'm guessing I'm on about 134 as of today.

2. My cats. They're being particularly cute today. Much headbutting of my hands while I'm trying to type.

3. The fact that my book has a title that people seem to like. 

4. Twitter. There are so many lovely, interesting people out there. I was a total Twitter sceptic, but now I have seen the light I am a true believer.

5. My weekend spent with my mum was particularly awesome.

6. This video from Ukraine's Got Talent. It's truly incredible.

Aargh, that's six things! I was going for five. Oh well, one extra joyful thing can't be bad, can it? So, what's bringing you joy at the moment? Please share!


  1. The sunshine in my sitting room. It keeps my legs warm as I read. The cats like it too.

  2. Teenfictionista- I've resorted to a hot water bottle to keep my legs warm today!

  3. That Alexandra Burke song Broken Heels. I'm listening to it non it! Also reading Tamsyn Murray's book My So-Called Afterlife, which is hugely enjoyable.

  4. Oh yes, I was a Twitter sceptic too but now I can't live without it. So many wonderful people! Joy, right now? A cup of tea and knowing hubby will be home soon. I still have my cold and I need a cuddle.

  5. Don't Stop Believin' is impossible to hate, so stop trying. Seriously. I love that song so bad that at my funeral I want it played. A little creepy, but yeah.

  6. Keren- Never heard that song. Must investigate! My copy of MSCA should be arriving soon. Are you going to the launch?

    Becky- Aw, get well soon!

    Liam- I think that's an EXCELLENT choice for a funeral song!

  7. I like your joyful things very much. I'm actually stunned to find that someone on a 'Got Talent' show has actually, y'know, *got* talent. That's amazing.

    I have no joyful things. I'm cold and tired and grouchy... but that sand thing cheers me.

  8. Lauren- Sorry to hear you're grouchy! I was grouchy too - that's why I decided to make the joyful list. It worked (kind of). That sand lady is incredible, isn't she? Totally unexpected!

  9. Journey! That song was our Borders anthem - we played it right until the end. It never gets old. :)