Sunday, February 7, 2010

The name game

Thank you lovely people for your comments on the title. None of you said 'Entangled?Pah! Lamest title EVER!' And for that I am deeply grateful. I'm loving the new name, although trying not to get too attached (remembering that book titles can and do change right up until the last minute).

The naming process was a bit of a saga, involving many emails and a phone call or two between me and my editor. Potential titles were run past Sales & Marketing, Publicity etc, but none of them were quite hitting the spot - or they were hitting the spot with one person, but not with someone else. It's a very subjective business, this title malarkey.

While I was writing the book I had a working title that I knew was never ever going to stay the course. I'm too embarrassed to record it here, so I won't. The title I came up with when I was trying to snag an agent was Broken, which I talked about in vague terms here. We kept that title when the book went out on submission to publishers, but I was never really happy with it. It was okaaaaaay, but nothing special. And it was vaguely depressing. Entangled is much more intriguing and mysterious. And I like the way it sounds when I say it.

Now I'm off to dream about book covers. I spent Thursday and Friday looking for photos as reference for three of my characters. Now THAT was fun.


  1. Ooh so much more excitement to come with the cover. I would love to know your working title, one day!

  2. So... when we can expect to hear some details about Entangled? Because I'm intrigued.

    I actually didn't specifically realise that the author doesn't get the final say on the title, but it makes total sense.

  3. Becky- Maybe I'll tell you once the book is out... maybe!

    Lauren- Soon, I promise! I'll be able to get the website up and running soon, so I need to have some info for that! I wish someone would just read it and give me a snappy line or two saying what it's about.

    The publisher wants the author to be happy with the title, and probably wouldn't go with one that the author hated. BUT publishers know what sells, authors (usually) don't. It's all about compromise!