Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey folks, hope you're enjoying the festive season. I am mostly enjoying it by being ILL. Urgh. Still, it means I'm getting a lot of reading done, which is good, since you lot have added heaps of books to be TBR pile with your awesome recommendations. 

I picked a winner at random (full disclosure: my pup picked the winner at random) and I'm delighted to announce that TRISHA LEIGH wins a copy of IMAGINARY GIRLS. WOOT!

Here's what she had to say about her favourite YA book of 2011:

Mine is DARK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts. It's a story that takes places during the apocalypse and it truly terrifying. The reasons it stands out for me are, first, the 5 POVs, one of which is philosophical and sad and scary all at once. The second reason is that even though the book did scare me, it also had something to say about human nature, and about the things in our very real (read:not paranormal) world that SHOULD scare the bejesus out if every single day. I don't know what I was expecting when I opened this book, but safe to say it blew my mind out the back of my skull and left me thinking about it for day's. First book in a while that, if there had been a sequel available, I would have run right out and bought it.

I will definitely be getting my hands on this one - sounds exactly my cup of tea. Also? Five POVs? Impressive. So, Trisha, please get in touch with your address so I can send you Nova Ren Suma's bloomin' amazing book.

So what are you reading at the moment? I'm reading THE WOMAN IN WHITE, by Wilkie Collins. It is masterful.


  1. Dark Inside was a great chilling read I must agree!

  2. I wrote my dissertation on The Woman in White. That and Lady Audley's Secret - which is FANTASTIC. Just don't ask what the content was as I have absolutely no idea at all what my dissertation was about now.

    I'm reading Blood and Ice by Robert Masello. It is mainly making me cross that someone wrote stuff on the front and back of the book that doesn't match with what's inside.

    Catching Fire is up next though. I like to be hopelessly behind the times. Well, I don't, but I am, so lets run with it.

  3. Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject.