Monday, August 6, 2012

August? How the jiggins did that happen?!

Let's just gloss over the fact that I've been absent from this blog for *cough* a rather long time.

Anyway. How's it going? What's new with you guys? I've been a busy little bee lately and August looks set to be just as busy and buzzy.

So... a quick round-up:

1. I finished my third book for Quercus. ARCs of UNDONE should be available in the not-too-distant future, and the cover will be revealed even sooner. A few lovely bloggers got a sneak preview of the cover at Quercus Towers a few weeks ago. It's a bit of a departure from the look of ENTANGLED and TORN, so I hope you lot like it too. It's my favourite so far, I think.

2. I've started writing my book for Barrington Stoke. I should be writing it right now, in fact. Like UNDONE, this one will be out next year. It's an interesting challenge, writing a book with a much lower word count. I've just reached the difficult middle bit, hence the procrastination.

3. I did an event at Latitude Festival with the ever awesome Tanya Byrne. It was my first festival adventure and just about as rainy as I expected.

4. The French cover for ENTANGLED was revealed. It's mighty purdy.

5. I won an award! The Redbridge Teenage Book Award! And I got to go to the ceremony and meet hundreds of teenagers and some very cool authors and eat chocolate digestives. The award itself is shiny and pointy and would make a marvellous murder weapon, should the occasion arise.

6. A French girl moved into my house. Griffpup is now enjoying double the cuddles. All the cats in the house are very happy too.

7. We bought a rice cooker. I am obsessed with it. You should get one too.

8. This coming Sunday I'll be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with the lovely Keren David. You can buy tickets here if you like. I plan to be hanging around the book festival making a nuisance of myself A LOT in the coming weeks.

I think that about covers the highlights. I'll post again if I've forgotten anything.

Right, I'm off to watch the Olympics do some writing. Laters.


  1. You've completed UNDONE! I missed that on Twitter somehow, so: Yay! Although I kind of wish that other people would stop being all efficient and writing and finishing things when I've been stuck in this flaming middle book for what feels like eternity. Mergh.

  2. Eat moar chocolate, Zoe. It's the best advice I can offer right now. Good luck with Tricksy Middle Book.

  3. Rice cooker - who can live without one?! Never knew I needed one until some kind person took pity on me and purchased one. (Had a new baby at the time and ALL our rice either burned dry or turned to mush) Life with a rice cooker is just, well, better :)

    1. Yay! Another rice-cooker fanatic! I think you can't understand their true greatness until you have one.

  4. Hey Cat! Fancy meeting you here. I am mesmerised by the French cover of Entangled - it's just so . . . French! Also, I couldn't love the shoutline more "life is a beautiful lie" mon dieu, I'm going to have to lie down, I am overcome with ennui!