Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fanks for fings

Thank you thank you thank you for the questions for the FAQs. I'm halfway through answering them, and it's turning out to be a lot of fun. It's kind of tricky too, because I've had to THINK and that is sometimes hard for me. Some of the questions made me think about stuff I've never really taken the time to think about before. So I hope the answers will be of some interest to you, since they've been a revelation to me!

Unfortunately, and much to my surprise, no one asked the two most important questions in the universe. I've chosen to answer them here, for you.

Chocolate or cheese? (i.e. If you could only have one for the rest of your life, which would it be?)

Hmm, let me think for a second... NOT! It's got to be cheese. Got. To. Be. I could not live without parmesan and cheddar and camembert and all their cheesy relatives. Don't get me wrong: I like chocolate, I really do. But cheese rules the world.

Would you rather have muffins for hands, or squirrels for feet?

Squirrels for feet, of course. Those little munchkins could propel me around the streets of London, with minimal effort required on my part. 'Squirrels, go thataway! Squirrels, wait for the green man! Squirrels, please propel me past that charity mugger at full speed!' If I had muffins for hands, I wouldn't be able to write books, and that would be a shame.

There. I feel better for putting that out there.

Thanks also for the YA book recommendations. The tower grows ever higher. God, I love YA and the people who read it. I really truly do.


  1. I am so with you on the Great Choc v. Cheese Debate. I've only ever been asked the Tea v. Cheese one, which is also a no-brainer (hello? there is coffee for your hot beverage needs - there is no substitute for cheese!)

    Phew. It's good to talk.

  2. Ah - but would you rather have a tail (not prehensile as such, but within your control) or moveable easr (not human ears, but like those on a fox)?

    Ears for me, personally. Just think how expressive you could be with them:
    Flat back = go away charity mugger, I'm not in the mood.
    Pricked upright = cheese you say? Excellent.

  3. Emily- Aargh. I don't like coffee. There's always gin though, eh? I've just bought myself some lovely gruyere...

    Teenfictionisa- If I can't use the tail to swing from trees, I'm not interested. My ears are semi-moveable, but not particularly expressive!

  4. I really truly do, too.

    And I'd go for cheese. I've just slightly shocked myself with that.

    These squirrels - they can operate a keyboard, then? Just sayin'. Concerned, is all.

  5. Luisa- No, I have squirrels for feet, but my regular hands! When you've got muffins for hands, you have your regular feet. See, doesn't that make things easier?

  6. You chose cheese! Hell, you need some serious lessons in the art of loving chocolate. I can't get through a day without a mini Galaxy Ripple. My hubby buys them for me every week!



  8. How could it not be chocolate??!! Hello from my blog party and good luck with the new book!

  9. Becky, Amna and Nicola aka The Chocolate Brigade... I hear what you're saying, but cheese is way more versatile. Pizza! Pasta! Macaroni cheese! Chocolate is rubbish on all those things.

  10. Phew. You're so right. I feel much happier now. Well, relatively. Now I'm worried about how you'll negotiate the Tube. Won't your feet be, like, chasing little bits of fast food onto the tracks?
    I'm off to eat some cheese instead of stressing about it.

  11. Luisa- I hadn't thought about that danger! I'll just need to keep the squirrels well-fed at home so they won't feel the need to look elsewhere. I will live in a house with an Acorn Room.

  12. Hi Kat. Found your blog via Nicola Morgan's excellent party and now I'm launched into a cheese v. chocolate debate. What an unusual day this is turning out to be. Sorry to disagree with you, the host of this page, but it has to be chocolate. And for reasons I don't think I'll let my brain explore muffin hands scare me so I'll stick with the squirrel feet as long (as Josh the dog doesn't chase me).

  13. Hi Rosalind, thanks for dropping by! I accept your choice of chocolate, but I think you're going to miss cheese, right? Good choice on the squirrel feet. I hadn't thought about the perils of dogs vs squirrels though. Luckily I've got cats... so that'll be just fine. Ahem.

  14. Hello - I followed you over from Nicola's blog party. I love to see all the fellow YA lovers/writers out there :)

    Hoo boy, squirrels for feet? Sounds like a recipe for disaster for me. What if they decide to be, you know, squirrely, and go running off in different directions all the time? OUCH.

  15. maybe genius - thanks for stopping by. Another good point re: potential squirrel feet problems. But those muffins for hands? Completely impractical!