Saturday, January 30, 2010

An award and some major procrastination.

This rather awesome award comes courtesy of the rather awesome Becky aka The Bookette. Becky's blog kicks some serious ass, so do check it out when you can.

You're supposed to pass this on to five bloggers of your choice, but I'm going for four (I'm so crazy and alternative, it's true):

1. Nicola Morgan @ Help! I Need a Publisher. The self-confessed crabbit old bat provides invaluable (and often amusing) advice to anyone trying to get published.

2. Yunaleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner. A prolific book reviewer if ever there was one. Oh, and she's also very kindly hooking me up with a copy of a book I've been wanting to read for aaaages.

3. Sammee @ I Want To Read That. Sammee is a fellow YA addict who writes some great reviews.

4. Anna @ The Chocolate Keyboard. Anna's a writer and editor with some VERY interesting insights into the world of UK publishing.

So, it's Saturday, and I feel obliged to inform you that today's Writing Avoidance Scheme has so far involved:

1. Watching Justine Henin v. Serena Williams in the Australian Open final. I wanted Henin to win. Sigh.
2. Washing clothes. The question on everyone's lips is... Will I be able to get those nasty olive oil stains out of my trousers? Only time will tell.
3. Looking for recipes to cook tomorrow. Finally settled on some kind of beany chilli-type thing. Yum.
4. Watching Australian Masterchef. God help me.
5. Having a nap.

Impressive, no? So... what's your favourite procrastinatory pasttime? Come on, 'fess up... You're amongst friends here. This is a Safe Place.


  1. Tip for the olive oil: put some washing-up liquid on your finger and scrub it into the stain until it foams a bit before washing it as usual. Has worjed a treat for me on previous coccasions.

    Tip for procrastinating: Read people's blogs and give sage advice on how to remove stains from their clothing.

  2. OOh, thank you very much for the awardette! What do I do with it? Is this one that I'm supposed to pass on?

    Anyway, I have made an art of procratination. I even wrote a whole blog post advising writers why and how they should do it. I reckon that writing such a blog post qualifies as a pretty good work avoidance strategy itself. Now, thing is, I'll have to go and find the post, which will be another WAS...

  3. Teenfictionista- Thanks for the tip! I'll try that if the Vanish fails (as I suspect it might). That'll teach me to try and be all sophisticated and Spanish, drizzling olive oil on bread in a nonchalant manner.

    Nicola- This is one you're supposed to pass on to 5 people. Sorry, should have said that! I only managed 4. FAIL! I'm going to look for that blog post of yours now. Thanks for adding number 6 to my list!

  4. Hey, I'm a follower procrasinator today. I'm meant to be reading but I just can't settle. So I decided I would attempt to edit some of my HTML. Have you ever tried it? All the things I've tried do not work!

  5. I tend to read when I'm procrastinating. Not the classics, nor the modern stuff. Nope, I read tabloids that I find discarded in the coffee shop.

    Have to hide them under the sofa cushions if family comes in know.

    Though I do read really good things, too. Such as blogs. And commenting does count as writing!

  6. Congratulations to Serena on her victory! She is an outstanding player and is having an excellent career. I just hope she never has another outburst during a match like the one she had at the 2009 US Open.

  7. Ah - procrasination is my middle name! It's amazing how many things I can find to do except what it is I should be doing! And Thank you so much for the award. I was having a bit of a crap day but this has cheered me right up:)

  8. I YouTube old Tony Awards clips of Broadway medleys. Then I usually get into a vicious circle of comparing foreign language versions of Les Miserables and trying to spot which character Michael Ball is playing in each of them. He's Marius! He's Jean ValJean! He's Marius again!

    It's too exciting for words. Do you think when you procrastinate that your brain cogs are whirring in the background and actually Great Ideas are born so it's not really procrastinating but very useful/crucial writing time?

  9. Thanks so much for this!

    Writing procrastination...can't say it really happens much. I can't write when I'm having a bad day/really tired, so instead I play games and let my Muse's already fertile imagination feed off the dvds/games.

  10. Thanks for the procrastinating tips everyone! I think my procrastination will be more varied AND more satisfying in future.

  11. Oh the Internet, for sure. I can spend HOURS on the Internet, even if I'm not in my chat room, wasting time. Sometimes it masquerades as "research" and sometimes it's just blatant surfing.

    I love my Internet...*sigh*