Sunday, January 17, 2010

Five reasons to read When I Was Joe, by Keren David

1. The subject matter. Boy in Witness Protection after witnessing knife crime? Brilliant.

2. The voice. Completely believable and sometimes almost shockingly honest.

3. The suspense. Wow, those chapter endings are GOOD. A couple even made me gasp (and not just in my head! A proper, audible intake of breath).

4. The running scenes. These really struck a chord with me, maybe because I run too.

5. Claire. Not saying why. Simply a great character.

I can't wait to read Almost True. I would like it to arrive on my doorstep NOW, please.


  1. I completely agree with all five points. People, listen up! You must buy this book! It is worth much more than the cost of a paperback.

  2. It is. It's a must read. Agree about impatience for the next book.

  3. I read this book and it was great!

  4. I agree! When I Was Joe is just brilliant! Can't wait for Almost True!

  5. You made a writer very happy today.
    And I am loving the name Natalie. It lends itself to so many jokes.